Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sling your hook

The BBC 2 Babies in the Office series showed parents working on computers or on the telephone whilst looking after their children and toddlers. But I'm surprised no one used a sling on this programme. Most of the parents held their babies in their arms or balanced them on their laps.

For babies aged 0-6 months, baby carriers or slings would be useful for working on the computer. They would allow the parent some hands-free time whilst making sure the baby is secure and getting cuddles at the same time.

Whilst working with my son, I’ve used three types of carriers to help me get some work done

1. Ring slings were convenient when my son was newborn, because they allow quick up and downs. I would put him in the ring sling when he was awake to do some email checking or reading online, and when he fell asleep I would put him back in the moses basket. I couldn’t really do typing because ring slings only really allow freedom of one arm (and typing one-handed is much too slow!)

2. I used a stretchy wrap (like jersey material) on my front when my son was newborn, but in this position it’s quite difficult to have mobility of your arms for jobs in front of you, as the baby is in the way! 

3. Now that babba is 4 months, I’m using a woven wrap to carry him high on my back. Newborns can also be carried in this position but when he was younger I was too afraid to put him on my back if there was no one to help.

Now this is my favourite position for him because I have both hands free and can do all the jobs I need to do on the computer in the house (and I can even chase after my toddler and pick her up when she is having a melt down!) whilst he is cwtched up and able to see the world around him.

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