Friday, 22 February 2013

My Reading List

I’m afraid the books on my bedside cabinet aren’t academic books. But I’m just happy to get the opportunity to do some reading. I manage a few pages a night, when I’m feeding babba, and sometimes I can read a bit during lunch time nap times when I have half an hour to myself.

I’ve just finished skim-reading ‘Life on the Reflux Roller Coaster’, a book charting the experiences of a baby with severe reflux. Tonight I will soon start reading ‘George and Sam’, another book written by a mother (this time of two Autistic sons).

The two children’s books are my daughter’s. She loves having a story before bed but is getting tired of the books we already have so courtesy of Amazon, I’ve just bought two new books for her to try: ‘Shark in the Park’ and ‘Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’.

We have given up borrowing children’s books from the library as these seem to get lost. Instead, I buy from Amazon, the Book People or RedHouse (the latter two do very cheap deals, especially on bulk buys).

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