Monday, 24 September 2012

A room of ones own?

The advice given to PhD students is to have a dedicated place to write each day.

Before the babies arrived I used to write on my laptop in the dining room. I enjoyed working at a clean desk with all my papers in order. It was a quiet space with no interruptions.  

Now that I have two babies, working this way is impossible. There is now very little space in the house - a few weeks ago I gave birth to squish in the dining room - and now this room is used as a storage room for the birth pool (which I should get round to selling on ebay!), the buggy, spare toys and three airers for drying the reusable nappies. It is no longer my writing haven… 

Having a dedicated work space would be great but the practicalities of snatching time to write with two small children means that I write in short bursts of half an hour, wherever I may be in the house. Like hooeycritic, most of my writing happens late at night when the house is quiet. When I’m feeding squish, I read or type one-handed with the laptop perched on my lap.

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