Friday, 1 February 2013

Time to wake up and smell the coffee

It’s time for me to accept I can no longer expect to work at home at this moment. I am far too distracted by the mess. Before starting, I have to tidy up to make a space for my laptop and books, then the inevitable happens and I get side-tracked. Before I know it my time has gone.

Now that both kiddies are in nursery for one day a week, things are much easier. So after the nursery drop-off, I go opposite to the café, plug in my laptop and away I go. I pop back into the nursery to do baby’s feeds every three hours. Not that I can get much done in this time, of course, but I’m at least making some progress. And there is no internet connection at the café but actually the isolation encourages me to write rather than spending time checking emails. The best thing is, I get to have a lovely hot coffee while I’m typing away.

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