Monday, 11 March 2013

The Perfect Book?

It has struck me that I no longer read the type of novels I did before having babies. Pre-babies, I loved reading novels set in foreign countries (Orhan Pamuk, Umberto Eco etc) or novels that somehow related to my research. And my big treat was to spend all Saturday morning lazily reading the Guardian with a mug of coffee.

Now, with a 2 year old and a babba, I rarely have time for reading. We still have the Guardian delivered each weekend but I’m not sure I actually ‘read’ it, except for picking up the shreds after my toddler has finished playing with it. The books I now read are all mummy-type books, usually survival guides/advice books for mums. I also rely a lot on online forums but it’s much more relaxing to read without having my head stuck in the computer.

The huge selection of books that I bought before having children is still sitting on my shelf, waiting for when I have more time on my hands again.

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