Monday, 4 February 2013

A full maternity wardrobe for £77?

Is it possible to buy the essential maternity clothing items for under £100? According to Bounty, a pregnant woman can get a full maternity wardrobe for a mere £77.
To be presentable at work I bought some black trousers, a dress and long jumpers for my biggest months. I preferred wearing jogging bottoms, trainers and hoodies at home but I never seemed to be able to find suitable trousers that were quite smart. The most annoying thing was finding trousers that would neither fall down nor be so tight as to cut off my circulation. I seemed to spend all my time pulling the trousers up and adjusting them as I walked. When I found some that fitted, they soon became uncomfortable as my belly grew. My saviour was a belly belt but even this was outgrown in the sixth month!

I ummed and arred about buying a warm maternity coat. Could I make do with a cardigan? But as I do not have a car and walk most places, I decided to splash out once winter arrived. I often find myself on a freezing platform waiting for the delayed train at 6 in the morning and without a warm coat that commute to work would have been even more miserable. And I am proud (and astonished) to say that at one stage I was going swimming three or four times a week, so I also bought a maternity swimming costume (I might have just squeezed into my regular one but it looked obscene and I would probably have been asked to leave the swimming pool!). My other essential buy was a maternity summer dress from Jojo maman bebe (which I actually used for my wedding during my first pregnancy) which I wore everyday for the last few weeks of my pregnancy during the heat wave:

So whilst most of my maternity clothes came from ebay I still managed to spend about £200, including

  • Coat, £60
  • Two pairs of jeans, £30 each
  • Wedding dress, £20 (!)
  • Swimming costume, £15
I think it would be possible for a pregnant woman to spend a much smaller amount if she 1) had friends to borrow from, 2) didn’t need any specific clothes for work or for a wedding and 3) didn’t buy special clothes for discrete breastfeeding. Still, these have seen me through two pregnancies and I re-sold a bundle of my maternity clothes on ebay for the grand total of £15.  

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